MicroSynergies ® Microbials for Pulp & Paper Treatment Applications

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About Microbial Pulp & Paper Treatment Applications 

Many pulp and paper mills are characterized as polluting industries. Many mills use Kraft pulping process for paper manufacturing - due to which toxic lignified chemicals are released into the environment. Lack of large resources restricts these mills to recover these chemicals.


Therefore, the chemical oxygen demand (COD) of the emanating stream is quite high. For solving the above problem, various bacteria have been isolated from the premises of agro-based pulp and paper mill which were identified as species of Pseudomonas, Bacillus, Pannonibacter,and Ochrobacterum.These bacteria were found capable of reducing COD up to 85%–86.5% in case of back water and 65-66% in case of back water : black liquor (60 : 40), respectively, after acclimatization under optimized conditions (pH 6.8, temperature 35°C, and shaking 200 rpm) when the wastewater was supplemented with nitrogen and phosphorus as trace elements


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MicroChoice ® Cultures for Pulp & Paper Treatment

The following are organisms are commonly used in the pulp & paper treatment process:

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* Indicates laboratory, in-stock cultures.

*** Indicates various species.