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MicroSynergies named Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce Focus on the Future Honoree

MILWAUKEE -- The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) is recognizing Milwaukee Region organizations as Focus on the Future Award honorees for their work to meet challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our business community has faced unprecedented challenges in 2020,” said Stephanie Hall, MMAC Vice President... “Through it all, these 65 companies, organizations and individuals have shown us examples of the Milwaukee Region at its best, and give us hope for the future. Through the Focus on the Future Awards, MMAC wants to recognize those who have risen to their best during the most difficult of times.”

Honorees are recognized in the following categories:

ESTABLISHED NEW LINKS IN THE CHAIN These honorees have retooled their supply chain or made new links in another supply chain to meet new market demands:

MicroSynergies LLC

MICROSYNERGIES 3+80 GUARANTEE In order to protect our customers’ businesses and reduce their supply-chain risk, MicroSynergies is committed to having the top 80% of our microbes available in three-deep backup supply.

In summer of 2020, a large order from a Wisconsin company was at risk of not being able to be fulfilled in its entirety due to national freeze-drying companies being tasked with switching from processing peripheral products like microbial cultures to solely focusing on end-use foods like fruits and vegetables in the wake of initial COVID-19 food shortage risks.

Despite this external business disruption, MicroSynergies was able to use our network to locate the strain needed, get it into production right away, and hand- deliver the culture on-time and to our customer’s specifications.

“MicroSynergies provides great customer service and always comes through with our microbial culture needs. We really appreciate the hard work and dedication to keep our business running smoothly.” - Al (Wisconsin), Vice President of the potentially affected company

Prior to the potential challenges that this scenario might have presented, MicroSynergies was already in the process of establishing our 3+80 Guarantee, a proactive mapping of our network of in-production and available microbial cultures in order to know that at any given time we will have 3 sources for the top 80% of our microbial cultures.

This is our “3+80 Guarantee.”

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