MicroSynergies ® Microbials for Pond Treatment Applications

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MicroChoice ® Cultures for Pond Treatment

The following are organisms are commonly used in the pond treatment process:

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* Indicates laboratory, in-stock cultures.

*** Indicates various species.

Sludge Treatment

Microbes breakdown sludge

Water Treatment

Microbes inhibit algal growth

About Microbials for Pond Treatment

In a pond environment, bacteria decompose dead organic material that would otherwise fail to decompose at an ecologically viable rate.

In this process, the bacteria break down the organic matter into their nutrients, cycling them back into the environment in a more beneficial form.

What makes this process work, is the enzymes produced by the bacteria, which catalyzes the required chemical reactions which promote aquatic life.

This decomposing function of bacteria—their ability to consume a wide rang

Bacteria secrete enzymes to convert organic material in the surrounding environment into a simpler, digestible form. In fact, bacteria are capable of producing an astonishingly diverse range of enzymes to suit the food sources available to them. This is a useful trait, since enzymes are highly specific; most are capable of targeting only one kind of material substrate and breaking it down into only one specific kind of end product. Bacteria thus also benefit from being able to secrete whole teams of enzymes at once—a prerequisite for breaking down more molecularly complex materials that contain more than one kind of substrate.

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