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About Microbials for Hydrocarbon Applications

One of the major environmental problems today is hydrocarbon contamination resulting from the activities related to the petrochemical industry. Accidental releases of petroleum products are of particular concern in the environment. Hydrocarbon components have been known to belong to the family of carcinogens and neurotoxic organic pollutants. Currently accepted disposal methods of incineration or burial insecure landfills can become prohibitively expensive when amounts of contaminants are large. Mechanical and chemical methods generally used to remove hydrocarbons from contaminated sites have limited effectiveness and can be expensive.


Bioremediation is the promising technology for the treatment of these contaminated sites since it is cost-effective and will lead to complete mineralization. Bioremediation functions basically on biodegradation, which may refer to complete mineralization of organic contaminants into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and cell protein or transformation of complex organic contaminants to other simpler organic compounds by biological agents like microorganisms. Many indigenous microorganisms in water and soil are capable of degrading hydrocarbon contaminants.


Microbial degradation is the major and ultimate natural mechanism by which one can cleanup the petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants from the environment


Hydrocarbons in the environment are biodegraded primarily by bacteria, yeast, and fungi.


Bacteria are the most active agents in petroleum degradation, and they work as primary degraders of spilled oil in environment. Several bacteria are even known to feed exclusively on hydrocarbons.


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MicroChoice ® Cultures for Hydrocarbon Applications

The following are organisms are commonly used in the hydrocarbon bioremediation process:

  • Acinetobacter lwoffi

  • Arthrobacter ***

  • Alcaligenes *** 

  • Bacillus * ***

  • Bacillus subtilis *

  • Burkholderia ***

  • Corynebacterium ***

  • Flavobacterium ***

  • Micrococcus roses

  • Pseudomonas aeruginos

  • Pseudomonas fluorescens *

  • Rhodococcus ***

  • Sphingomonas ***

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* Indicates laboratory, in-stock cultures.

*** Indicates various species.